Sanitary Sewer

The Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer gravity collection system to provide residential, commercial, and industrial sanitary sewer users with a system that is safe and adequate in capacity while preventing costly and potentially hazardous sewer mains and manholes, televising, flushing, manhole rehabilitation and repair, and root cutting of sanitary main lines.  Preventative maintenance and repairs within the City includes 275,000 linear feet or 52 miles of sanitary sewer gravity pipe ranging in size from 8" to 24".  

The City's sanitary sewer system also includes 1,200 sanitary sewer manholes, along with 3,500 sanitary sewer services.  The City is responsible for maintaining its main sewer lines (the portion with no connections).  Property Owners are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of their sewer service line (including the "tap" connection or "wye").  This line starts at the tap on the sewer main, extends across the customer's property and connects at the home or business. 

Should a sewer blockage occur, contact Public Works at 641-357-6135 and an operator will come to your home and determine where the problem is.  If the problem is a blockage in the City's main line, a City crew will be dispatched to clear the obstruction.  If not, you will be advised to call a licensed plumber to rod (clear) your home's sanitary sewer service line.  A list of City licensed plumbers can be obtained from the Public Works Department.

Print this handy brochure to learn:
What You Need to Know about Sanitary Sewer Service Brochure
 - Reporting a Service Problem.
 - Preventative Maintenance Measures
 - Responsibilities of Property Owner
 - Responsibilities of the City