Bike Patrol

In the summertime, downtown Clear Lake becomes a destination for many residents and visitors. Various festivities
and celebrations fill the downtown streets with people. Consequently, a Community-based form of policing seemed a natural and logical fit for Clear Lake.

The bike patrol will provide an opportunity for improved interaction between officers and citizens. Bike patrols enable officers to travel in areas that are sometimes inaccessible to a police cruiser and provide a unique vantage point for observing and detecting criminal activity.

The police bikes are made by Cannondale. They are heavy-duty mountain bikes, specially designed for police duty. The bikes were obtained from Lakeside Cyclery. They also set up the light & siren package on each bike.

The addition of the Bike Patrol in the summer of 2007 was made possible due to donations from various community and business organizations. The Police Department would like to give a special thanks to the Clear Lake Noon Lions club for underwriting the cost of the purchase of the two patrol bikes.