Safety Tips

The Clear Lake Police Department would like to remind you to follow the tips below to ensure the safety of your home, your vehicle and your family.


1. DO NOT put your name on the outside of your residence or mailbox.
2. Have good lighting outside of your home.
3. Use dead bolt locks.
4. Lock all entrances at night, including the garage.
5. Keep the house locked when you are away from home.
6. DO NOT leave notes on your outside door telling someone when you are away.
7. DO NOT hide house keys outside the house.
8. When away, use a timer to turn lights on and off at various times and locations.
9. Fill out a Security Check Request Form if you are going to be away.


1. Keep your vehicle in good repair, you don’t want it to fail when it is needed most.
2. Keep the gas tank at least half full at all times.
3. Park in well lit areas.
4. Always lock your vehicle.
5. DO NOT leave valuables lying on the seats or in plain view.
6. Always wear your seatbelt.