Library Board

Sally Duesenberg
July 1, 2028
Tammy Orte
July 1, 2028
Bev Currier
July 1, 2023
Sean Moran
July 1, 2024
Allen Geilenfeld
July 1, 2024
Barbara Olson
July 1, 2025
Laurie Calgaard
July 1, 2025


The duty of the Library Board of Trustees is to have general charge of the City's library, and to establish appropriate rules and regulations for the management, operation, and use of the same as provided by state statutes.  The Board shall appoint a librarian and have supervisory authority over all employees of the library.


The Board of Trustees of the Clear Lake Public Library is made up of seven (7) members appointed to respective six-year terms.  The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month, at 5:15 p.m., in the Conference Room, at the Library, 200 N. 4th Street, Clear lake, Iowa.  All meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public.  Please call the library at 357-6133 for an agenda. 

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