Police Department

The City of Clear Lake and City of Ventura Police Department is dedicated to protecting the property, residents, and visitors from criminal activity. A foundation in the Department's fight against crime is the exchange of information between the Department and Clear Lake's and Ventura's residents and businesses.

The Police Department consists of 16 sworn officers and 8 civilian support personnel. Together, they are available around the clock, seven (7) days a week, to respond to any and all types of emergencies.

The members of the Department are proud of the work they do. They play a pivotal role in making Clear Lake what it is today - safe for families, attractive to business and industry, and an example of effective law enforcement.

The Police Department attempts to develop effective working relationships with community residents, with the hope that the community will serve as eyes and ears for the Department. Surprisingly, many times a crime may be solved, or even prevented, simply as the result of a tip from a concerned citizen.  Download a Home Security Check Request Form.

Don’t forget maintenance and identification of your home. Add house numbers to your home if you don’t already have them and repair broken or worn numbers. If an outside light is near, make sure the bulb isn’t burnt out and clean the glass.

In an emergency situation knowing which home we are being summoned to is helpful when the numbers are in place and they are legible from the street.

Fortunately, more Community residents are recognizing that they have a responsibility to assist in the fight against crime - not by taking the law into their own hands, but rather by providing to the Police Department information about illegal activities.

The Police Department welcomes the opportunity to meet with your group or organization to discuss the fight against crime. For more information, please call the Department at 641-357-2186.